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The SEO Long Game:

There’s always room to grow...


With a consistent long game SEO strategy in place a leading electrical manufacturer had been steadily growing website traffic in their niche market for years, allowing them to take full advantage of the digital opportunities available to established businesses in 2020 and into 2021.


In addition to maintaining a consistent SEO strategy involving defining specific and strategic on-page SEO goals for all new website content, monitoring and optimizing technical SEO month over month, and continually culling and revamping existing evergreen content for maximum rankability, the company was able to capitalize on trending industry-specific topics and outrank both Yahoo! Finance and The Wall Street Journal in organic Google search. 


A Leading Electrical Manufacturer


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


82% increase year over year in monthly web traffic from organic sessions

28,000+ more monthly site impressions in Google Search, year over year 

900 more new site visitors per month (on average) in 2021 vs 2020 from organic search

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