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Lead Generation Campaign:

Getting some skin in the game...


After managing thousands of dollars in LinkedIn ad spend for our clients we decided to do some experimenting with our own ad dollars. We hoped to garner better data on one of our target audiences (and a deeper understanding of the content they consume) with our Spring Cleaning campaign. Generating nearly 30 leads from a $250 ad spend was the cherry on top. 


The campaign centered around a free download (e-book) supported by paid LinkedIn ads and a dedicated landing page. The result? We learned A LOT about our target audience, including which regions were more (or less) likely to engage with our content, if the higher level decisions makers we were trying to reach would click (spoiler: they did), and if the subject matter would be useful or relevant to our audience. Bonus, we now had our own benchmarks for CPC, CPM and CTR on LinkedIn. 


Janie + June Marketing Collective


LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads, Landing Page, Ebook, and Email Nurture Campaign


1.38% click through rate (CTR) 


38% landing page conversion rate 


Less that $10 cost per lead generated

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