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Anyone who’s hung around on the agency side long enough knows that Houston is home of some truly kickass talent. At J+J we believe that talent is absolutely necessary, but it’s just not enough.


That’s why we’re committed to a collective approach where we pair seasoned strategists, designers, writers, and dreamers with projects they’re passionate about pursuing. This allows us to provide our clients with the right people for their unique projects.



How do I know your team is qualified to do this work? 

Our founder Sarah Grimmer brings more than a decade of experience to the table, during which time she managed work for some pretty fancy-schmancy clients in industries like healthcare, retail, energy, waste and recycling, and manufacturing. On the agency side, she was known for her tenacity and a unique ability to optimize team performance and output. Along the way she met some amazing (and award-winning) designers, writers, and developers, who she continues to partner with today, each of them with unique talents, testimonials, and portfolios, available upon request.  



Can you come to our office? Can we come to yours? 

Yes, and no.

Yes! We’d love to visit you at your office, but please don’t be offended when we don’t invite your over to ours. We are a completely remote workforce, but we’re always up to meet for coffee or co-working in your hood. 


Can we start tomorrow? 

Maybe! But probably not.

We take our partnerships seriously, internally and externally, and we’re committed to finding the right-fit teams and clients. That said, we know love at first sight, though rare, is real, and we’re committed to making it work when we find that special someone. 


Do you do... SEO/email/
social media/pet-sitting/etc.? 

Yes, yes, sometimes, not officially, let’s talk…

Visit our services page to learn more about our bread and butter, or reach out to us directly if you’ve got a project in mind that doesn’t quite fit into our current offerings. We’re always up for a conversation! 


What is “discovery”? 

It’s the “getting to know you” phase that happens at the start of any new engagement, and depending on the size and scope of your project, the process can take 2-6 weeks.

Clients + Partners

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