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Email Nurture (Drip) Campaign:

When what you’re selling is right, just not right now…


Job Coach Dan Waskow of OnPoint Job Search Solutions knows how to network. For months he was nurturing his networking leads manually with a weekly newsletter. The problem was, as Dan’s business grew the time he had to write a unique newsletter each week grew smaller. Enter Janie + June.


We created an automated email nurture campaign for Dan so that he could enter new contacts into the workflow with a single step. Once entered his contacts began receiving strategically-timed, automated, evergreen emails over the course of several months to make sure that Dan was top of mind when they were ready to schedule their first coaching call.


The result? Dan was booking new clients from his email nurture campaign within 30 days of launch. 


OnPoint Job Search Solutions


Email Nurture (Drip) Campaign


700 leads nurtured in the first 120 days.

<30 total unsubscribes​


19.55% Open Rate

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