• Sarah Grimmer

’Tis the Season for… DATA

Updated: May 15, 2020

At Janie + June we’re still riding the Thanksgiving gratitude wave. We’re grateful for our awesome clients and our stellar partners, but with the end of the year fast approaching we’re especially grateful for data. In particular, we’re feeling grateful for the willingness of the majors to share it with us. Here are a few our favorite data sources and reports this season:

Google Search Trends

Disney Plus, Women’s World Cup, Area 51 Raid, Baby Shark, and Baby Yoda… Google Trends shows us what was trending in search this year.

Pinterest 100:

Ah, Pinterest, the land of inspiration. Trending topics on Pinterest give marketers insights on what’s coming next, and Pinterest 100 delivers 10 key trend categories, and deeper insights into each.

LinkedIn: Emerging Jobs Report

For the third year, LinkedIn brings us a spotlight on job growth trends. Not surprisingly, data-centered jobs continue to be coming in hot y’all.

Google Shopping 100: Trending Gifs

Not done shopping? Visit Google Shopping 100 for some last-minute inspiration. B2C marketers can also glean insights on the year’s product and consumer trends. To note, the list ranks increases in search, not overall popularity.

Twitter: Top Tweet Trends of 2019

Okay, Twitter’s not our personal fav, but with more than 330 million active monthly users globally, it definitely has its place in the world. From top tv shows to top actors to top emojis, Social Media Today has compiled the data into a few succinct top tweet lists for you.

Know of another great data resource that our list is missing? We'd be forever grateful if you shared it with us! Use our contact form to shoot us a link.

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